Rose bush

Dhs. 695.00

A mixed combination of 50 beautiful red roses and 25 stems of spray roses. 

The Grand Rose Box

Dhs. 2,300.00

200-250 beautiful fresh roses with the option of putting 3 letters or writing "I <3 U"

Love Heart box

Dhs. 551.00

What better way to say I love you than a heart shaped box full of roses? Fresh roses, only the finest Handpicked, cleaned and placed to perfection.

Rose garden

Dhs. 695.00

60-70 beautiful fresh roses in our 90 cm long box


Dhs. 1,101.00

Beautiful red roses in a large dome shape. In a elegant faux marble vase

Love stand

Dhs. 3,965.00

Beautiful fresh red roses on a 24k gold plated custom made stand. Approximately 1.6 meters tall (160 cm) and 1 meter wide (100cm) this is definately a statement piece that will impress your loved one.


Dhs. 545.00

 49- 55 beautiful fresh Ecuadorian roses carefully placed in our sleek and classy 30cm round box, available in matte black or matte white finish. 

Rose dome

Dhs. 999.00

Feeling crazy in love? Then this is most definately for you! 101 Beautiful roses from Ecuador carefully selected and shaped in a dome style arrangement. Inside our 30cm round sleek and classy box available in matte black or matte white finish....